Wei Cheng

Wei Chang is one of the secondary or tertiary antagonists in GTA 5 and runs the Los Santos Triads gang. Wei Chang is famous for being brutal and merciless when it comes to gangs controlling the streets or businesses.

Wei Cheng has grown its empire that now deals in weaponry and drug manufacturing. Los Santos Triads is one of the most powerful gangs in the game, with Cheng Family Holdings as their front for the business. 

Wei Cheng Storyline

The very first time we get to see Wei Cheng is when he decides to expand his business into Blaine County and reaches out to Trevor, as he is one of the most powerful dealers in the area. However, Cheng doesn’t come to meet with Trevor, instead, he sends his son to do the talking. But the meeting gets disrupted before it was even started because the Aztecs wanted to get revenge on Trevor.

Tao instead reaches out to O’neil after this disruption, which is Trevor’s competition, and seals the deal with him. Trevor upon realizing this destroys O’neil’s meth labs, killing a lot of his people. 

This was essentially a declaration of war with Cheng and his gang. Cheng orders his men to find Trevor, who had moved to Los Santos, and they’re both Michael and Trevor had kidnapped Madrazo’s wife and they were hiding in Trevor’s trailer. But the Los Santos Triads managed to find them and after a long chase, they managed to capture Michael.

Trevor however, escaped the gang but they took Michael as a hostage and used him as bait to make Trevor pay. Much to Cheng’s surprise, Trevor just ignored his proposal outright and let Michael pay the price. Cheng being a merciless soul, decides to execute Michael at the meat factory but Franklin comes to his rescue and manages to kill a lot of Cheng’s men and makes the escape alongside Michael. 

End of the Story

Cheng doesn’t make any more appearances after that unless the player decides to take the “C” option for the game-ending. Lester comes up with a plan to save all of them while also making sure that they end up killing their enemies as well. And following his instruction all the protagonists are off to kill their enemies and of the three, Franklin gets to kill Cheng at the Pacific Bluffs beach club.

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