Tracey De Santa

Tracey De Santa is the definition of a “fame-obsessed spoiled rich kid” as she is heavily influenced by popular celebrities and wants to be a famous singer or actor herself. Formerly known as Tracy Townley, this main character is the daughter of one of our protagonists, Michael De Santa, and her wife, Amanda De Santa

Tracey De Santa has a rather spoiled rich kid personality and her obsession to become famous keeps her busy on her cell phone most of the time. She tries to become famous herself throughout the story by any means possible and she finally manages to become somewhat famous.

Tracey De Santa’s Storyline

The first time Tracey makes an appearance in the game is when Franklin breaks into their house to steal the car and get it back to the Deluxe Auto Showroom. When Franklin enters the house using the window, Tracey can be seen arguing with her boyfriend, and then she gets back to her room. Tracey spends most of her time arguing with her brother Jimmy, which we will get to later, and she also had a boyfriend, which she breaks up in the father/son mission when her mother says that he is “homeless” to which she gets really angry but then breaks up with him anyway.

As I stated earlier, Tracey can do anything to get famous and the way she starts is by getting in touch with some people working in the adult industry but her brother informs Michael about her meeting. And as a caring dad, Michael gets to the place where the meeting was supposed to take place and then gets Tracey out of the Yacht he has to steal a boat to get ashore but they end up getting chased. Michael eventually loses the tail and gets Tracey to safety.

But she wasn’t happy about her father’s actions and tells him that he essentially just ruins everything for her. But that’s not the only time she blames him, next time she ends up auditioning for fame or shame, and during her audition, Michael and Trevor jump in to interfere, making things a lot more complicated.

After the Yoga mission, Tracey and the rest of Michael’s family decide to move out and live with Fabien without informing Michael about it and when they do, Tracey calls Michael to tell him about their move and that they were worried for him. She stays in touch with her father and even informs him about her getting on a pornographic live show.

But things start to get better in her life when Michael decides to try to get her the job that she wanted on fame or shame to show and in doing so, Michael goes to see Lazlow again, but he says something insulting to her Tracey and Michael loses his temper and ends up tattooing his body with a penis and cutting his ponytail. Tracey, impressed by her father’s actions, decides to end the tussle between them.

End of the Story

Tracey De Santa makes her final appearance in the game when the Merryweather security takes her and Amanda as hostages to make Michael pays for what he did. However, he manages to kill the guards and takes them both out of the house and sends them somewhere safe. Tracey does get to be famous and appear on the Fame or Shame show.

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