Patricia Madrazo

Patricia Madrazo is one of the supporting characters in GTA 5, but she remains to be extremely powerful being the wife of one of the most dangerous Drug Cartel leaders, Martin Madrazo. 

Patricia Madrazo belongs to Mexico and she married Martin Madrazo after she moved to the US. Patricia and Martin have a son together, his name is Miguel Madrazo. The couple doesn’t actually have a good relationship because Martin cheats on her and oftentimes abuses her without any empathy at all.

Patricia Madrazo Storyline

Patricia Madrazo plays a very minor role in the game and she doesn’t seem to get a lot of screen time. The first time that she makes an appearance in the game is when Trevor allegedly kidnaps her after realizing Martin’s abusive behavior and takes her to his trailer, where he, Michael, and Patricia seem to spend quite some time hiding from Martin’s gangs as well as the Cheng’s gang.

However, as Patricia was living in a toxic relationship with Martin, doesn’t wish to go back. Trevor and Patricia both ended up having feelings for each other and they wanted to stay together and they did, for a while. Patricia spent what little time she had with Trevor, trying to keep things clean and water the plants. 

But unfortunately, they didn’t get to experience a happy ending as Patricia had to go back to her husband and Trevor made sure she stays safe by doing what he does best, giving Martin a nice beating, and warning him not to abuse her. 

That was the last time Patricia was seen in the game, she said goodbye to Trevor not before calling him a “sweet lover”, who of course didn’t want to leave her either but she continued to contact him via phone even after the sad goodbyes.

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