Jimmy De Santa

Who is Jimmy De Santa?

Jimmy De Santa is the youngest character in the game and probably the only person that you can call a child. He is one of the main characters in GTA 5 Android, a younger brother to Tracey De Santa, and the only son to Michael (the protagonist of the series) and her wife, Amanda De Santa.

Jimmy spends most of his time playing games on his console and arguing with his father and sister. He is very short-tempered and starts screaming when Michael tries to poke him and pull jokes on him.

Jimmy De Santa Storyline

The very first time that we actually get to see Jimmy on the screen is when Michael buys his SUV from Simeon and the second time he is seen in the game is when Simeon sends Franklin to get back the SUV from Michael and he has to break into their house and Jimmy can be seen playing a video game on his console and essentially just screaming his lungs out.

The next time Jimmy makes an appearance is when he is stuck on a boat that he was trying to sell to some shady buyers, so he could buy some drugs but apparently, the buyers had other plans and they decided to steal the boat instead with Jimmy still on it. He calls Michael, who then chases after the boat on his wife’s Yacht and manages to rescue him.

Jimmy, being short-tempered, starts shouting his lungs out and Michael just couldn’t hear the sound of the movie that he was watching he just smashes the TV Jimmy was playing on with a chair, which makes their already complicated relationship much, much worse!

The next time we see Jimmy is when he tells his father about Tracey’s secret meeting with some people in the adult industry and upon hearing this, Michael gets enraged and jumps off to get his daughter away from these people and also teach them a lesson.

But that’s not the only time Jimmy has saved or ruined his sister’s life, the next time she gets to audition for Fame or Shame, Jimmy ends up telling Michael and Trevor who, trying to save her from embarrassment, disrupts the whole audition. 

The next time Jimmy makes an appearance in the game is when he decides to make a drug deal with a friend of his but Michael insists on tagging along with him. Upon reaching there, he gives Michael a spiked drink and when Michael drinks it, he loses consciousness Jimmy just leaves him on the street and drives away not before taking some money off of him.

However, when the whole family leaves Michael, Jimmy doesn’t ask him about his well-being but instead asks him for another $1,000 to which Michael doesn’t pay any attention. Finally, he comes back to Michael and tells him how Amanda is not doing good and wants to get back together but only if Michael shows some dedication to the family as well. 

They both end up going back to Fabien’s place and get Amanda and Tracey back to the mansion, but not before some dramatic family reunion scene, which doesn’t end up too well with Fabien. 

End of the Story

Jimmy De Santa makes another appearance when they (Michael and him) are at the premiere of his film and they find out that Amanda and Tracey are being held hostages in their mansion, Michael rushes back to rescue them and then sends them to a safe house until the danger is out.

But the trouble doesn’t seem to leave him alone and he gets kidnapped again and Michael has to come to rescue him and take him back to safety. 

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