Marabunta Grande

The Marabunta Grande is one of the largest Mexican gang in the GTA 5 Android and it is probably inspired by the real-life gang based in the US by the name Marabuntas. The Marabunta Grande operates under the leadership of someone referred to as boss, probably dead.

Marabunta Grande’s Background

Marabunta Grande has control over different territories in the east side of Los Santos including the areas like Vespucci Beach and El burro heights with some activity seen in other areas like East Vinewood and northern Rancho where they carry out their illegal businesses.

The Marabunta Grande are comparatively more hostile than other gangs when it comes to their territory and that’s why they have many enemies but Varrios Los Aztecas are on top of their enemy list because of the tussle over drug trafficking with other gangs like Ballas and Vagos as well.

Marabunta Grande is also hostile to one of the protagonists, Trevor as he destroys their containers and boats on Oscar’s order, and later the gang can be seen trying to steal packages from him.

More About the Marabunta Grande

Marabunta Grande, being one of the largest Mexican gang has many members be it old or young and they can be easily recognized by the tattoos on their face and bright bandanas that they mostly wear with their mostly blue outfits.

They are involved in all sorts of criminal activities like weapon trafficking, illegal car races, contraband but their main source of income or power is Drug Manufacturing and dealing where they compete against their rival gang Aztecas.

The MG gang members are pretty hostile and they are can be seen on the streets walking later at night, that’s when they are most active. The vehicles that they mostly use are Tornado, Cuban 800, Emperor, and a few others as well.

The fact that they love to protect their territories even if they end up in shootouts on the street makes them threatening and their choice of weapons for situations like that are pistols, minigun, Molotov cocktails, and other heavy weapons if they need.

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