Amanda De Santa

Who is Amanda De Santa?

Amanda de Santa is one of the main characters in Grand Theft Auto 5. She is the wife to one of the protagonists, Michael De Santa or Townley if we go back in time before Michael faked his death and changed his identity.

Amanda’s History

Apparently, Amanda had a rough past as she worked as a stripper and lived off in a small trailer before she got married to Michael and things were great at the start but as of the last few years the relationship between the two has not been so smooth lately after Amanda found out that Michael has been cheating on her and spending all his money out on other strippers. Things have been so bad between the two that they can’t stand each other and often get into verbal fights.

However, they have 2 kids, a boy named Jimmy who spends most of his time playing video games, and a girl named Tracey. Amanda spends most of her time either doing Yoga, playing Tennis, or spending out Michael’s earnings on expensive shopping. The usual fights and verbal abuses between the two have led them into several affairs on their own.

Amanda first appears to be cheating on Michael in the mission Complications when Franklin finds her with her Tennis Coach and later Michael himself finds the two having sex in his bedroom. She also has a bad habit of shoplifting as she gets caught trying to lift something from Didier Sachs but before the police take her in, Michael comes in and steals the police car that’s carrying Amanda.

Amanda and Michael later appear in the mission “Did someone say yoga” where Fabien, the yoga instructor invites them both to which they both agree, and there during the yoga session Michael gets enraged upon seeing Fabien getting too close (inappropriately) to his wife and jumps at him to which Amanda gets offensive and decides to leave Michael and moves in with Fabien along with her kids.

But this whole separation doesn’t last too long as one day Jimmy informs Michael that Amanda isn’t happy anymore and he should see her at the bean Café where Michael finds them both arguing and later Fabien turns to Michael, on which he bangs a laptop on Fabien’s head and both Amanda and Michael get back together (after venting out their inner anger at the therapist’s office).

Amanda and the Game Endings

When Devin Weston finds out about her lawyer’s death, he sends out an army to kill Amanda and her kids but Michael fights off the Merry weather soldiers and saves his family.

Enraged by this failure Devin orders Franklin to kill Michael and ultimately the player is left with three options to either kill Michael, kill Trevor or work with them to kill the other. Now if the player decides to Michael, Amanda no longer appears in the game after she warns Franklin that he should stay away from her and her kids.

But if the player decides to spare Michael, Amanda and Michael can go out together, be at home doing the usual home stuff, and live happily ever after.

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