Michael De Santa

Michael De Santa’s Story Line

GTA 5 is one of the games of Rockstar games and is one of the mesmerizing games from the GTA series. As in normal GTA games, there is a character with a particular storyline, and most of the time the story surrounds him but many other characters become part of his story as well and influence the main story. But unlike any other GTA, in GTA 5 mobile there are three main Characters from whom players can choose to play. These three Characters are Playable characters of the game and they are named; Michael De Santa, Franklin Clinton, Trevor Philips. We will discuss each and others below.

Michael De Santa, one of the three main playable characters in GTA 5 is the type of person who chooses to live a simple life with his family after getting involved in some of the heists in his past and nearly escaping death.

Michael De Santa Background

He was formerly involved in a Bank robbery that took place in Lundendroff with his friend and partner in crime Steve Trevor but now he chooses to live a simple life with his family in Los Santos. He got married in his 40s and his wife’s name is Amanda and not only this but also, he is a father of two children; a boy namely Jimmy who is his son, and a girl namely Tracey is his daughter.

He now lives with peace under a new surname but Trevor finds out that he is still alive and he faked his death in the last bank robbery in which they were involved in. While robbing the Bank Michael fake the death but now Trevor has found it out that he has not died. After knowing the fact the Michael is still alive Trevor somehow approaches him and now they both engaged themselves in the same old routine of robbing the banks and during one of the heists Trevor finds that Michael Intended to fail the plan and this results in the death of one of theirs mate whose name is Brad. But Trevor forgives him and saved his life too in a Mexican standoff and during all of these ventures Franklin accompanies them.

Later in the game, Franklin is approached by a group of gangs and is offered either to kill Michael or Trevor. And now he has to decide whom he is going to kill or whether he is going to kill one of them or not? If in case Franklin decides to take out Michael the story proceeds according to it and he kills him and if he chooses to kill Trevor then he kills Trevor and if he declined the offer three of them form the Nexus and wipe out all of their enemies.

You can play with Michael and others in GTA 5 Mobile.

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