Steve Haines

Steve Haines’s StoryLine

Steve Haines is amongst the major and most influential characters in the storyline of GTA 5 Mobile. Steve Haines is a high-ranking FIB Agent who turns corrupt and takes obscene ways to get even higher in the agency and that too, quickly. He is one of the few mission-givers in the game because of his power.

Steve Haines’s History

Steve Haines started working for the FIB in 2013 while also hosting a TV Show that focuses on crime in the city, but his lust for power had set him on a self-destructive path, but he wasn’t traveling alone as he teamed up with a like-minded FIB agent, Andreas Sanchez. They both used their power made one of the FIB agents, Dave Norton force Michael de Santa to do their bidding and Michael had no choice but to agree to whatever they wanted him to do, but Michael wasn’t alone either as Trevor and Franklin got pulled in too because of him and now the trio was working for Steve Haines.

Steve makes the trio do all his dirty work, be it Kidnapping the IAA informants, torturing, and even murdering to get what he wants and this war between him and the IAA catches fire after Haines makes them steal their Cash and later a Bio-Chemical weapon that they plan to use in the city. Haines and Sanchez want to get rid of any evidence against them, even making the trio invade the FIB building.

Haines and Game Endings

Haines sets up a meeting with Michael involving Dave Norton so that he can use this to entrap both in the act and get away from the spotlight but things go south as Sanchez turns out to be an undercover agent, and ends up getting shot by Haines who also gets his leg injured in a heated stand-off but somehow gets to escape both the FIB and the Merryweather and later, decides to kill Trevor, sparing both Franklin Clinton and Michael’s life after being convinced by Dave Norton. But in the end, the player is left with 3 Choices that decide the ending of the game.

The first is to kill Trevor as Haines wanted to spare both Franklin and Trevor. The Second Franklin kills Michael, as told by Devin Weston leaving behind Trevor and him or the Third one is the trio gets united one last time to end this once and for all by killing all their enemies in which case Steve Haines gets killed by Trevor while shooting for his TV show.

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