The Families

When it comes to Grand Theft Auto Franchise Gangs have been one of the main features of the series and it’s no different for the gangs in the latest Grand Theft Auto 5 game with many gangs flooding the streets. The Families is one of the largest gangs in the game and like most of … Read more

Ballas Gang

The Ballas gang is one of the largest and most active gangs in Grand Theft Auto 5 and it is most likely that Ballas (just like most of the other gangs in the game) is inspired by the real-life gangs as Ballas mostly resembles the “Blood” gang that controlled the South Los Santos back in … Read more

Madrazo Cartel Gang

The Madrazo Cartel (AKA Madrazo Crime Family) is one of the active gangs in the Grand Theft Auto 5 game, mostly because of their leader Martin Madrazo, who appears as a “Legit businessman” in the game. Although the Gang is not very large itself it is comparatively hostile to the other gangs in this game because … Read more

Varrios Los Aztecas

Varrios Los Aztecas, also known as Aztecas, is a considerably small Mexican gang in Grand Theft Auto 5 and it appears to have been inspired by an ancient civilization that formed the base of Mexican culture. Aztecs and many other Chicanos tend to believe they are from this aboriginal group. Aztecas Background The Aztecas have control over several … Read more

Armenian Mob

Armenian Mob is one of the smaller criminal gangs in the Grand Theft Auto 5 game as the name suggests, it’s more of a small criminal group compared to the big gangs in the game. Armenian Mob is also inspired by a real-life Los Angeles-based crime syndicate by the name of “Armenian Power” based on their … Read more


The Kkangpae gang is one of the smaller gangs in the Grand Theft Auto 5 game. The name Kkangpae is Korean which translates to “Thug” in English. This gang doesn’t play an important role in the storyline of the game but it does make appearances between now and then. The gang works under the leadership … Read more

Los Santos Vagos

Los Santos Vagos or otherwise just Vagos is the largest Mexican / Hispanic gang in Grand Theft Auto 5 game. Just like many other gangs in the game Vagos are probably based on the real-life gang called “Surenos” as many of the members of this gang are bald like them. Edgar Carlos is the leader of the Los Santos … Read more

Marabunta Grande

The Marabunta Grande is one of the largest Mexican gang in the GTA 5 Android and it is probably inspired by the real-life gang based in the US by the name Marabuntas. The Marabunta Grande operates under the leadership of someone referred to as boss, probably dead. Marabunta Grande’s Background Marabunta Grande has control over different territories in … Read more