Franklin Clinton

Franklin Clinton’s Story Line

Among the Grand Theft Auto 5 playable characters, Franklin Clinton is one of the decisive characters with a breathtaking storyline in the game.

Franklin Clinton is a gang banger with a dream of becoming wealthy and successful. His storyline starts while racing in a car that he repossessed as he was also working full time as a repossession agent for a businessman namely Simeon Yetarian. He was racing in a car alongside his friend Lamar Davis. Franklin’s special ability is that he can slow down time while driving.

Franklin’s storyline leads to Micheal as he met with Michael and he placed the gun on Franklin’s head and tells him to drive a car through the window as  Franklin was ordered by his boss to repossess the car of Michael’s son jimmy de Santa and this whole event results being fired from the full-time job.

Franklin and Michael get along later in the game as Franklin came to know about his past criminal experiences with Trevor and Franklin look forward to Michael for employment. Michael also sees some potential in Franklin and both join hand in hand and conduct a series of heists. In all these adventures there is a bond that starts to develop between both of them and Michael often time referred to Franklin as his Son.

Meanwhile, Franklin has other clashes with one of the persons from the gang who was recently released from jail. His name was Harold joseph. Joseph being on higher status in the gang thinks that he can give orders to franklin but this was not the fact and Ironically franklin sometimes was dragged into the deadly deals by Lamar and this leads to the end of the Friendship as these deals were organized by Joseph and Lamar insists Fraklin be the part of the deals.

Once Lamar gets stuck into a wrong drug deal and Franklin refuses to help him out of it then Franklin was convinced by his girlfriend to help Lamar. After saving Lamar, franklin finally manages to figure out that these deals that were being done at the cost of their life and were organized on purpose as Harold Josep backstabbed them by plotting such events and deals that will eventually result in the death of Lamar and Franklin.

Later in the game, Franklin is approached by one of the FBI agents and by a Billionaire, Steve Haines and Devin Weston namely. The FBI agent wants Franklin to kill Trevor and The Billionaire wants him to kill Michael de Santa. Should Franklin kills either Trevor or Michael, he ends contact with the other and get back to the old routine and if he kills neither of them then the trio faces their enemies and Kill both the FBI agent and The Billionaire.

Three of these characters MichaelTrevor, and Franklin are playable characters in GTA 5 and each with a different and interesting storyline.

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