Devin Weston

Devin Weston’s StoryLine

Devin Weston is a major character and the antagonist in GTA 5 Mobile. He is one of the richest and most influential businessmen in the city of Los Santos so much so that he is well-connected with almost every agent in the FIB.

Devin has invested hugely in many of the major companies in the city be it hotels, restaurants, alcohol manufacturers, and many more but most importantly he owns the majority of the shares in the city’s finest security company named Merryweather Security which works for almost all the big guns in the city including major criminal organizations.

Devin becomes one of the most successful businessmen in the city of Los Santos but his lust for power knows no limit. Being rich has its own perks as he owns around 11% of the shares in Merryweather Security which makes him kind of untouchable but that’s not it as he has a heavy influence over the police as well as the FIB agents including Steve Haines who carry out his tasks.

As the trio ends up working for Steve, he sets up Devin’s meeting with Michael and Trevor in the “By the book” mission but he offers the trio to work for him after the successful truck robbery, to which they all agree as they are promised to be handsomely paid for the tasks.

But as Franklin and Trevor get the job done and steal 5 exotic cars for him, Devin tries to rip them off by saying he would invest the money for them and meanwhile, he also cuts Michael’s movie production before it even finished to get the profit off of the production company and asks Molly Schultz to hold the copy of the movie for him which when Michael finds out, tries to retrieve the copy from her, which ends up with Molly’s tragic death.

Devin on getting this news sends a large army to Michael’s House to kill his family, but Michael gets there before them, just in time to save and escort them to a safe place.

Devin and The Game Endings

After a failed attempt at Michael’s family, Devin contacts Franklin and orders him to kill Michael, while Steve tells him to kill Trevor, so now the player has to decide whether to kill one of them or team up with them and kill others.

Now if the player chooses to spare both Michael and Trevor and instead team up with them in the third ending. Franklin would ask Lester for help and they’d come up with an insane plan to get both Steve and Devin at the same place where they’d ambush them out of the blue. They manage to kill Haines and get Devin in the trunk of the car and finally push the car off the cliff, killing Devin.

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