Ballas Gang

The Ballas gang is one of the largest and most active gangs in Grand Theft Auto 5 and it is most likely that Ballas (just like most of the other gangs in the game) is inspired by the real-life gangs as Ballas mostly resembles the “Blood” gang that controlled the South Los Santos back in the days.

Ballas Background

The Ballas has a large influence over many territories, the entire Davis neighborhood seems to be under their control and particularly the areas like Grove Street is kind of their hotspot and they are also active in some of the areas that are under Families control. The Ballas can be easily recognized by the purple sports attire that matches their favorite baseball teams, the Los Santos Panic and the Boars Baseball Club.

The Families and Los Santos Vagos are their sworn enemies just like the old days, Ballas, however, do not appear to be hostile against them, if the player walks around their territory they won’t attack unless of course they are provoked first.

Franklin, one of the protagonists in the game and also a member of the Families, is particularly disliked by the members of the Ballas gang, unlike the other characters. They can be hostile to see him staring or bothering them in any way near their territories.

More About the Ballas

The members of this gang just like their rivals are African-American but their leader is not known to anyone. The Ballas are also involved in a majority of crimes in the city, the biggest one being Drug manufacturing and dealing which is also their major source of income along with other smaller crimes as weapon trafficking.

To hide their money trail the gang uses a couple of businesses as their front, the main one being the Paleto Forest Sawmill. The Ballas can be seen on the streets walking dogs with drinks in hand, However, for the rides, they mostly use Baller, Tornado, Emperor, and Voodoo amongst others.

Despite the fact that they aren’t hostile unless provoked first, the Ballas gang definitely loves to show off their weapons on the streets when walking around. Their favorite arsenal includes Tec-9, SMGs, Pistols, and knives that they won’t hesitate to use on anyone if they have to.

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