Trevor Philips

Trevor Philips’s Story Line

There is number of characters in GTA 5 APK and this is one of the most astonishing features of GTA 5 like many other features. You can discover many other astonishing features in GTA 5 APK. Our last article was about the playable characters in GTA 5 and in that we discussed Michael de Santa and now we will discuss Trevor Philips.

Trevor Philips is one of the three main playable characters of GTA 5. He is depicted as a sociopath in the game. He is A Canadian-American but raised in the US.

Trevor Philips Background

Trevor has a not-so-good childhood as he faced difficulties and was born and raised in a family where there were Physically abusive fathers and emotionally abusive mothers, so he faced such a difficult time in his life, and later in the game, he met Michael de Santa. De Santa and Trevor together get involved in the venture of heists. In one of their robbery in Ludendorff, he was forced to hide because of the failed robbery. In this venture, he was accompanied by De Santa and Brad Snider.

Later he found that De Santa died in that robbery and Brad was sent to jail but it was all plan by Michael De Santa. De Santa made a plan to fail this robbery which compels Trevor to hide and it also results in the death of Brad. Sooner or later in the story of the game, Trevor discovered that it was the De Santa planned to fail the Robbery and it resulted in the death of one of Brad and now De Santa is living peacefully with his family under the changed surname then Trevor vows not to forgive De Santa and avenge the death of Brad. Despite his sociopath nature Trevor thinks and takes care of those who are close to him so he Forgives De Santa and also saved his life in a stand-off against Mexicans.

Trevor decided to forgive De Santa because both of them were going to join hand in hand in their next Heist to accumulate some fortune. In this robbery Franklin also accompanied them and after they have done with this robbery Franklin was approached by two gangs who give Franklin offers to take out Trevor or De Santa.

If he chooses to take out Trevor then Franklin together with De Santa set Trevor on fire, and if he chooses to kill De Santa then he follows De Santa to the destination then throw him off the roof, and if neither he chooses to kill Trevor nor he kills De Santa then trios of them join and fight their enemies.

Three of the playable characters De Santa, Franklin, and Trevor are enjoyable to play and each has its own interesting powers and storyline.  De Santa’s special ability is that he enters in bullet time in a weaponry combats and likewise Trevor has also special ability, His ability includes deal extra damage and takes less damage and he can also perform special melee moves as well.

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